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David William Custer (the nephew of the American General Custer) came out to Australia as a stone mason, where he commenced trading in Sydney as a stone mason, and importer of marble for the stone monumental industry.

Prior to WW1, the method used for working stone was fairly primitive. At the end of the WW1 Carborundum (Silicon Carbide) was introduced to the Australian market, in which Custers become importers for, selling abrasives for grinding and cutting, primarily to the stone trade.

Over the years, Danish white cement was included in the product line as a stock and indent item for the monumental masons.

Swimming pool builders started to use the Danish white cement which Custers imported, mixed with a crushed marble as a liner for swimming pools, builders demanded a water line border that could withstand chemicals and sun light, which inevitably lead to the inclusion of mosaics as pool borders and lining of swimming pools.

Mosaics (mainly cobalt blue) were imported from Japan and introduced starting the importation into the Brisbane warehouse followed by mosaics from Thailand.

From the early beginnings swimming pool mosaics has taken the company to be one of the largest importer of mosaics into Queensland with a range of style, colours and sizes to suit all types of projects.

Our extensive range of glass and marble features are designed in house to suit our customer request and our local market.

We continue to invest in the DWC Tile brand by working with our retails customers to improve our range, style and design.